About Perfetti Media

Perfetti Media is a Boston-based consulting and training firm specializing in user research and usability testing best practices. We work with design teams to create products that satisfy and delight their users. Our philosophy is that teams are most successful when they have the right techniques to understand their users and evaluate their own designs.

We offer in-depth workshops in addition to our consulting services. You'll come away from our training with the essential tools to conduct user research, create user profiles and personas, and run your own usability tests.

Find out how our workshops, consulting services, online training videos, and research articles can help you.

Perfetti Media Workshops

We've created the Perfetti Media Workshop Series to provide User Experience professionals with essential techniques for creating successful products. For these workshops, we've gathered some of the most renowned experts in the world of design and brought them right to you. We've carefully limited the numbers to only 25 attendees per workshop, so our expert speakers can offer interactive exercises and provide you with hands-on coaching.

Usability Testing Workshop

Christine Perfetti, CEO and Founding Principal

Christine PerfettiChristine Perfetti is CEO and Founding Principal of Perfetti Media. If you've ever met Christine, you know she's passionate about teaching design and product teams how to tackle their problems. For more than a decade, she has taught hundreds of teams and consulted with dozens of clients on product strategy and user experience techniques.

With her extensive knowledge of human factors and user research techniques, Christine has been a top-rated presenter at the User Interface Conference, the Internet Marketing Conference, CHI, and the Usability Professionals' Association Conference. She's co-presented with User Interface Engineering's Jared Spool at many User Experience and Design events, including the UIE Roadshow. Christine has also taught Human Factors at the Tufts University Gordon Institute for Engineering Management.

Before launching Perfetti Media, Christine was VP & Managing Director at User Interface Engineering, a leading user research, training, and consulting firm. Christine was responsible for driving User Interface Engineering's training and publications business. In addition, she managed UIE's usability consultants and developed presentations and workshops taught throughout the United States and Europe.

Christine received her Master’s degree in Social/Experimental Psychology from Brown University and her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Rochester. 

We've worked with clients from a broad range of industries

We've consulted and taught courses at many corporate and client venues, including:
  • A.G. Edwards
  • Blue Jeans Network
  • Cisco WebEx
  • Cooper
  • duPont
  • First Energy Corporation
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • The Neat Company
  • MathWorks
  • Sharpe Partners
  • The Standard Insurance
  • University of Illinois
  • Washington Mutual