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Perfetti Media Workshops

We've created the Perfetti Media Workshop Series to provide product managers and designers with essential techniques for creating successful products. We've carefully limited the numbers to only 25 attendees per workshop, so our expert speakers can offer interactive exercises and provide you with hands-on coaching.

Usability Bootcamp: Getting Your Team Onboard

Christine PerfettiExpert usability professional, Christine Perfetti, created the two-day Usability Bootcamp to share proven techniques for understanding your users, gathering user feedback, and evaluating your designs.

Christine has helped dozens of companies and agencies improve their designs by bringing research into their process. You'll come away from these two days knowing how to:

  • Plan your user research, conduct user interviews, and analyze the data
  • Run your in-person and remote usability tests without any outside help
  • Conduct advanced usability tests, including 5 second tests and first click tests
  • Design a paper mockup and test the design with real users in only one hour
  • Develop personas or user profiles to communicate the users' needs throughout your organization

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Proven Techniques for Measuring Your Content's Success

How can you be confident that your content pages are understandable? How do you assess if the content is appropriate for your audience? How do you ensure you've written content that effectively communicates the essential information?

It turns out there are many different techniques for measuring your content. In this workshop Christine Perfetti will show you some traditional testing methods as well as techniques you've probably never heard of, only practiced by the most adventuresome content strategists.

Among the techniques you'll learn about:

  • Traditional usability studies: You'll learn how to run your own usability studies, including how to plan, facilitate, and analyze your usability tests.
  • 5-second tests: A popular low-tech technique to collect quick feedback on whether your content pages communicate clearly to readers.
  • Comprehension tests: A simple user research method to assess whether users understand your complex content.
  • Inherent-value tests: A two-phase test that explores whether your content communicates the intended value to readers.
  • Catalog-based tests: Perfect for organizations migrating offline content to the web. A catalog-based test will help determine if key messages were lost during the translation.

The Essentials of Paper Prototyping: Sketching and Evaluating Your Design Concepts

In this comprehensive seminar, you will examine the most successful techniques for incorporating usability practices into your development process. Perfetti Media's CEO, Christine Perfetti, will show how to build a working prototype of your web site or software application in a matter of hours.

The high point of this seminar is our interactive design exercise. Using everything you've learned, you'll build a fully working product in just a few hours. We assign each participant a different role to play as part of a five-person design team. Each team builds a working prototype in two hours. Then, real users test each design. Because it's a competition, you'll find yourself totally immersed, working at top speed.

Dates coming soon!

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